Monday, 6 July 2015

Review of “Three Cups of Tea”

   I have never read an English novel until I came to the University of Calgary,I very thankful my reading's teacher let me read it,what a rare chance this is for me!  I enjoy it and I benefited a lot through reading.Fist of all,I knew a lot of vocabulary, for example yank,honk,bark,flash and sway and so on, I didn't seen these words before I read this novel.I think reading will increase my vocabulary. Second, my English speaking is improved through discussing every Monday, in the course of discussing, you must prepare for it adequately so that you can answer the director's questions correctly  and rapidly, or you will be embarrassed and guilty. At last, Trough skimming, I have increased my interest in reading. Before, I don't like reading English novels because there are too many new words , Although I am forced to read it this time, I find that reading is not boring but interesting. So, Even though I go back to China, I will insist on reading.To the novel, do you know which chapter is  the most  my favorite ? My answer is,"The sixth chapter." From this chapter ,we can make a conclusion that Greg is a responsible man, Although he was poor, he still raised a lot of charity in order to build school to help Korphe's people. Also, I like the topic's meaning, “The first cup of tea you are a stranger, the second cup of tea you are a friend, the third cup of tea you are family”. It is pity for me to only skim the novel this time, I plan to read carefully again.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Chinese Marriage

  Before The People's Republic of China was established, China is polygamy marriage.Also,young people do not allow themselves to choose a spouse, marriage must be determined by their parents;Their parents would ask a matchmaker to look for a right lover for their children,the matchmaker would according to conditions each other that they owned the right character , Age and educational background to select suitable spouse,even most of young people didn't met each other until the marriage day.A groom married a bride by a sedan chair,and marriage was held in the groom's house.Unlike Chinese old society, the new china is monogamy,polygamy was banned by the government.All the young people choose freely their lover by themselves,most of marriages are held in the hotel or in the church.  However, there are some wedding details are still use to the present, for instance kneeling to kowtow to the parents.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

About "Cast Away"

    I have seen several movies since I come to Calgary.But the "Cast Away" is the most favorite novice for me because it was interesting, exciting, impressive, weepy.  The film told a story of a courier who experienced plane crash  and escaped to a deserted island and lived there for four years .Firstly ,It showed the actor's loneliness and helplessness; and then, it deduct his independence and perseverance; at last, it told his happiness after he was saved and his embarrassment  when he met his girlfriend. I very thanked for my speaking's teacher to let us watch it in the class. The movie showed us about human nature and the true meaning of love, unlike this film, most of movies told about too much money, sex and violence."Cast Away" is a positive energy movie.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Tour to China

      In China, There are a lot of beauty landscape such as Beijing, experiencing the process of Chinese history development; Chengdu, felling the harmony between man and nature; Xinjiang, understanding the desert scenery. In my opinion , it is a intelligent choice to make a trip to Beijing; As the Capital of China, Beijing is a mysterious, multicultural, coverall , modern and old-line city. The best season for tourist in Beijing is from August to October, because the weather is the most comfortable in this season. The first place, you can go to The Imperial Palace, It is not only the largest imperial palace, but also the largest ancient palace for construction area in the world; Also, It is imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties; you can wonder that the ancient Chinese palace architecture is so grandeur and luxury. Another place, you can travel to The Great Wall, Chinese ancient great project and a total length of 6700 kilometers; it begins from the west of Jiayuguan in Gansu province to the east of Shanhaiguan in Hebei province.  In the ancient, The Great Wall was used to protect people from attacking .But now, it is a historical monuments. In china, there is a proverb, "He who does not reach The Great Wall is not a true man ."At present,  The Great Wall is not only the most important historical relics in China, but also has become a symbol of the Chinese nation.Please come to Beijing and Beijing welcome you!

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Learn Korean

   There are many kinds of langues in the word, for instance,Chinese, English,Korean,Japanese, Spanish,French and so on. Except for English, I like to learn Korean as my second language, because there are almost 70 percent Chinese characters in the Korean vocabularies, so it is easy  to write and listen for Chinese people. Secondly,  Korean imitates the pronunciation of ancient Chinese, therefore it is easy to read for Chinese. Finally, Korean language is the Pinyin characteristics and reading is the same as writing ;you only need remember about 40 Korean words, you can read and write, even if you don't learn it. in summary,for the Chinese people,Korean is a relatively simple language to study.
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Man,Women,And Role

    It's different role in society between a man and a woman.In china, a woman suit to be a teacher,a nurse,a accountant,a barber,and so on;because these kinds of works need to be done by a person who is careful,friendly and responsible. Nevertheless,a man suit to be a engineer, a network engineer, a construction engineer,and so on and so forth;because a man likes doing the challenging and creative tasks. Before the liberation of Chinese revolution,a woman had extremely lower position in society,she had nothing to do except for looking after her children and her husband,in other words, she was force to do something that a man allowed her to do,and a women was tired because she must finish everything,including housework,taking care of father-in-low and her mother-in-low, looking after her children,cooking and needlework. Even so, she still suffered from domestics violence,this happened because a woman was considered as a inferior,and the opinion of sexist was reflected through a proverb,"A woman has a long hair ,and has no knowledge" .But after the founding of new china,with development of society and the progress of mankind,a woman's social status has been greatly improved,she has a fair treatment not only in the house but also in the society,in addition,the state protects their legal rights and interests by making laws.Now,a woman can do everything that she wants to do ,also she has more power through education and employment,most of Chinese man can share housework with his wife,and the degree to which housework is shared is now one of the two most important predictors of a woman's marital satisfaction.Therefore,in china,although a man and a women have different pole in society,they have the same treatment. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

The Vision of $10 Miliion

   If i won $10 million in the lottery. My first reaction was that i would pinch my cheek to make sure the truth.It would be crazy for me to have $10 million,and i would be so excited that i couldn't sleep day or night.What would i deal with money? I think i would separate money into five parts.First,i would deposit 50 percent of total money for my daughter;secondly ,i would donate 10 percent of total money to charity for help lonely old people and orphan;and then, i would give 20 percent of total money to my wife for traveling, buying house,and so on;at the same time ,i would give 10 percent of total money to my parents and sisters;finally, i would remain 10 percent of total money for myself,because i would resign,I would support myself with money.after that, i would be a volunteer to help people and feedback society.I fell it is a interesting thing.Will I win $10 million in the lottery? I wish it weren't just a dream!Everything is possible!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

About me

     This is my first time to create blog ,so i am very happy and i will write down what i do and name is Simon ,thirty seven years old man,works in Xinjiang petroleum engineering limited company.I come from Xinjiang province,lies in the northwest of china. I am engaged in project management ,not only including design project management but also  EPC project management.  and I have been worked for thirteen years in design management department,the dispatch center of company.

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The Types of Crime

       In our life,there are many kinds of crime,including robbery ,murder,kidnap,terrorist attack,phishing,blackmail,medical fraud,internet fraud,lottery ,and so on.The crime's types are summarized as the violent crime and the fraud crime.The violent crime may be involve the personal safety ,so we must protect ourselves against the events such as robber,murder,kidnap and terrorist attack,and it is important for us to learn some international SOS hand gestures,for example,Which hand gesture stands for "I was kidnapped".For the fraud crime , it is sure that the final purpose of fraud is money which is gained  from you. Therefore,we must have a ability to distinguish between truth and fraud.In my homeland,there are all types of crime that were mentioned in the article.but,Both china and Calgary are the same safe in general.We don't worry about it because the government will take measures to fight crimes.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Extreme Sports

       I like playing Table Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball,especially i am obsessed in playing Table Tennis,Chinese national game.Because Yaping Deng who won the world championships and Olympic champion inspired me to play it. sometimes,i want to play extreme sports,for example,Surfing,BMX,Rafting andGliding.But this is my dreams.I can't do it.Fist my parents prevent me from doing dangerous sports.Secondly,I am afraid of playing extreme sports,in other words,I am a timid person.but now,i want to try because i will challenge my limits and then surpass them! please friends encourage me!

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Image result for Extreme Sports